Ke-yaki Pottery by James Coenen



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During Golden Week, on Tuesday May 4th and Wednesday the 5th, there is a show and sale of Ke-yaki Pottery at our friend's restaurant in Setagaya ward, Tokyo.  Miho and I, plus Spike, will be there both days from 10am to 6pm.   The restaurant name is Daimatsu.  It is located on the shopping street close to Shoinjinjamae station on the Setagaya line.  

On May 9th, we will participate in the annual art/craft/music event at Amigo space in Iruma City, Saitama.  10am to 4pm

I redesigned and update my homepage,   On the top page are links to Miho's blog, the fan page on Facebook, and online stores we you can purchase Ke-yaki Pottery.


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